This is a picture was taken in December of 2015 of my mom and I. We were sitting in the waiting room at the Grossmont Cancer Center waiting for her to get radiation treatment for a Brain Tumor that was diagnosed only a month earlier. See, the wonderful thing about this picture……is my mom’s smile. No matter what pain or worry she was trying to hide, I could always count on her smile to encourage me to fight along with her. She refused to let anything take her fighting spirit away. I remember each morning we had to be up early because her Radiation was set on a permanent schedule of 8:15am and we were usually done by 8:40am. Instead of going home so she could rest, our detours brought us to one of our local casinos. Gambling was her way to decompress. My mom had a saying and if she wanted to go gamble she always said I think I want a “hot dog”. Funny thing is, the casino had the best hot dogs around. So, I abided by her simple request and got her a hot dog and let her play her favorite penny slots.


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